Note from the GM
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Note from the GM


Thank you for coming on this divine journey with us… We welcome you all aligned partners, donors and supporters on this beautiful path towards creating a positive lasting impact in the world, for now and generations to come.

Through love and support, together, we will raise consciousness to bring about a much more magical human experience.

Our projects are specifically designed and dedicated to the active unlocking, shaping, preparing and encouraging the full on-going expression of a child’s inner potential.

We empower children to make the shift from a scarcity mindset (fear & lack), to a prosperity mindset (love, fearless faith, non-resistance & abundance).  Through  understanding that it’s actually their consciousness that is their asset to every single thing that they have ever dreamed of and so much more, beyond their comprehension.

Through this mindset shift, they free themselves from the limitations of pre-programmed and pre-conditioned beliefs. With Help A Child South Africa, they learn how  to free themselves, remember who they truly are and remain true to their  ultimate destiny, while inspiring positive change.

Help A Child South Africa is made possible by love and we are calling all aligned partners, donors and supporters to shine the light…

Let’s join hands and come together to spread the love, eradicate poverty & illiteracy and raise collective consciousness.

Sending you all pure love and divine light.

With love,

Ashley Smith

General Manager

Help A Child South Africa

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