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About This Project

#Drive1Million, a transformative initiative by Help A Child South Africa with the aim to ‘Re-imagine Africa’. #Drive1Million is an ambitious campaign that seeks to empower and uplift the bright minds of Africa.

At its core, #Drive1Million is driven by the belief that every child in Africa deserves access to quality education and opportunities for growth. By investing in education and providing resources, Help A Child South Africa aims to nurture the potential of one million children across the continent.

The vision behind #Drive1Million is rooted in re-imagining Africa’s future. By equipping young minds with knowledge, skills, and tools necessary for success, this initiative strives to create a generation of empowered individuals who can drive positive change within their communities and beyond.

Through partnerships with schools, educators, and stakeholders across various sectors, #Drive1Million aims to provide comprehensive support systems that address not only educational needs but also social and economic barriers hindering progress.

‘Africa Re-imagined’ is not just a slogan but a call for action. It represents a collective effort towards reshaping narratives about Africa’s potential and unlocking opportunities for its youth. By fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and critical thinking skills among these bright minds, Help A Child South Africa envisions a future where African children can thrive on both local and global stages.

In this section dedicated to Drive1Million, we will explore the impact of this initiative on individual lives as well as broader society. We will delve into success stories from beneficiaries of this program who have gone on to become change-makers in their communities.

Join us as we embark on this journey of transformation through education – together we can drive change and re-imagine Africa’s future one child at a time.



Drive 1 million

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